NZ LAW Limited is an association of independent legal practices with member firms located throughout New Zealand.

There are currently 57 member firms practising in a wide range of legal disciplines ranging from business law, home buying and selling, immigration law and intellectual property to aviation law, viticulture and tourism.

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What's New?
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  • New Legislation for Builders
  • Gurantees: Assuming the Risk
  • Financial Market Overhaul
  • Important Employment Law Changes
  • Competition Law Repform
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  • Building Contracts
  • Facebook - Your property or not?
  • Owning a Cross Lease
  • Cross Lease Insurance
  • Alterations on a Cross Lease title




New Legislation for Builders

On 1 January 2015 the Building Amendment Act 2013 came into force. As well as strengthening the consumer protection provisions currently in the Building Act 2004, it also implements new obligations for builders and increases their potential liability. If you work in the building industry, it's important that you are aware of these changes so you don't get caught out. Find out more


Guarantees: Assuming the Risk

Guarantees are a common form of credit enhancement often required by banks and other lenders before they will provide finance, including loan advances. Although you're no doubt familiar with guarantees, this article reminds you of what you need to know and the risks you could be taking if you become a guarantor. Find out more...