NZ LAW Limited is an association of independent legal practices with member firms located throughout New Zealand.

There are currently 57 member firms practising in a wide range of legal disciplines ranging from business law, home buying and selling, immigration law and intellectual property to aviation law, viticulture and tourism.

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What's New?

Trust e.Speaking

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  • Dying without a wIll?
  • Common Intention Contrustive Trusts
  • Importance of an Independent Trustee
Commecial e.Speaking

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  • Construction Contracts Act 2002
  • Buying into an existing business
  • Unfair contract terms
  • 3 Fundamentals for a successful venture
  • Health & Safety reforms 


Importance of an Independent Trustee

The new weapon of trust law?

The widely publicised separation and property dispute of Sally Ridge and Adam Parore saw the High Court consider the concept of a common intention constructive trust.

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Dying without a Will?

Most people know that it's important to have a Will and to keep it up to date. But what happens if you die without a Will? You might assume everything will go to your spouse or partner but that's not usually the case.

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