NZ LAW Limited is an association of independent legal practices with member firms located throughout New Zealand.

There are currently 57 member firms practising in a wide range of legal disciplines ranging from business law, home buying and selling, immigration law and intellectual property to aviation law, viticulture and tourism.

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What's New?

Property e.Speaking

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  • Building Contracts
  • Facebook - Your property or not?
  • Owning a Cross Lease
  • Cross Lease Insurance
  • Alterations on a Cross Lease title
Trust e.Speaking

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  • Dying without a wIll?
  • Common Intention Contrustive Trusts
  • Importance of an Independent Trustee



Facebook - Your personal property or not?

Within 5 seconds, you can take a photo on a smart phone and share it with the world on Facebook. It can't be denied that Facebook and other social media sites have revolutionised the way we communicate with our ‘friends' or our potential customers. However, the question of whether you continue to own your Facebook profile is a matter of debate.

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Newly Appointed Chairman and Directors

NZ LAW Limited has announced the appointment of its new chairman – Michael Busch, as well as the re-election of director, David Graham and the election of two new directors to its board – Gerard DeCourcy and Mark Henderson.

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