NZ LAW Limited is an association of independent legal practices with member firms located throughout New Zealand.

There are currently 59 member firms practising in a wide range of legal disciplines ranging from business law, home buying and selling, immigration law and intellectual property to aviation law, viticulture and tourism.

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What's New?
Trust e.speaking

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  • Increases in Claims on Estates
  • Your Will: Who pays for your funeral?
  • Parallel Trusts: Could this be the best option for you?
Commercial e.speaking

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  • Do you really need all that paper?
  • Who'd be in business?
  • Business Tax Proposals announced
  • Attempt to structure around the Overseas Investment Act proves costly






When builders go in to liquidation

Registered Master Builders has assured customers that their builds will be completed. However, not all builders offer independent guarantees.

If you are contracting a builder who does not offer a guarantee, it's important you do thorough research. In particular, you should negotiate...

Legal Boundaries: Why titles matter

With the rise of the internet, prospective purchasers are raising issues as to the location of legal boundaries that existing owners may never have known about previously...